Selling Agency and Wealth Management

Medallion Sales is a front to back selling agency and wealth management solution.

Transactional. Advisory. Self-service. All in one place.


Capture clients and
their wealth mgmt.

Alerts & Notification

Engage clients,
track process and
provide personalized

Insight into customer investment behavior & reference
Powerful platform for executing client’s investing decisions
Customer Relationship

360 Customer View,
Historical transaction

Powerful order management engine to handle your client transactions and purpose-built to handle high volume digital transactions.
Organize your sales team structure, assign commission scheme and track their KPI. Including WAPERD assignment and allocations.

Open Banking API adoption allows your organization to fully embrace fintech collaborations, offer wealth products through existing digital channels and be fully compliant with Bank Indonesia (BI-S4, BI reporting) and KSEI (S-INVEST, ARIA, C-BEST).
Enable your relationship managers with digital tools providing valuable insights into your client investment portfolio, so you can build long-term relationships. It’s the perfect blend of a personalization and digital experience.

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